Friday, November 14, 2008

promote a sister!

welcome to a new feature here on ceejaybags. from time to time, i'll be featuring a different member of the 'carried away' etsy bagmakers team, of which i'm a member. it's affectionately known as 'promote a sister' thursday, but i guess i'm a little late.
this week's shop is atelier de soyun, and her bags are so sweet! reminiscent of purses from a bygone era, each bag is one-of-a-kind, made of quality fabrics and hardware, and the workmanship shows.
i am especially drawn to the turquoise coin purse at left, with its bright vibrant colors and sweet daisy embellishment. beautiful! atelier de soyun can be found on etsy here
and also on her blog .


SolSisters said...

Great post! I also like Soyun's sweet treasures

SewArtsy said...

I love the mix of vintage and modern in these coin purses

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