Tuesday, May 11, 2010

Blog... Interrupted

What's that?  You thought I was gone? No... 

Life, as it is prone to do, has decided to throw me a whole BUNCH of curveballs, all at once. The loss of my full-time job...The end of my beloved Daddy's long fight with emphysema and the pain and struggle of coping with his passing...The challenges of single parenthood...The excitement of a new and beautiful relationship with an amazing man.
But I'm back. Back to blogging, back to creating, back to Life. 

The first step I'm taking is a complete revamping of my creative space.  I'm claiming the entire (former) dining room as my own, and making it into the Studio that I want...need...DESERVE.  And I am so excited to share the experience with all of you!  But I can't take credit for the idea.  I was looking through the pages of Where Women Create and came across a story about artist Karen Valentine.  In the story she mentioned that she had hosted a blog party last year called "Where Bloggers Create", and it was so successful that she is planning another one for June of this year. It featured stories of other creative souls and pictures of the studio spaces where they make all the magic happen.  Hmmmm....that sounded pretty interesting!  So I  hopped over to the blog.  One look and I signed up to participate.  How cool is that? This was just the kick in the pants I needed to get my studio put together in a real, purposeful way so that I have my own space to create whenever inspiration hits.
So stay tuned.  "BEFORE pictures (aka "The Nightmare") will be posted here soon, and I'll be blogging and sharing photos as the transformation takes place.  The BIG REVEAL will be June 19th!  Can't wait!

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