Thursday, October 22, 2009

Kids Activities for a Rainy (or sick) day

Ahhh, tis the season.  Between rain, shorter days and the flu,  my normally active kids are spending more time stranded in the house with "Nothing to Do".  A better-prepared, cooler hipper mom would surely have surfed the net to find just the right indoor activities to keep her little ones happily occupied for hours.  Unfortunately that's not me (haha), but let's pretend for a moment that it is...Imagine, if you will, the precious little angels spending their days with these great handmade finds:



 Or for the very ambitious, why not have all the kids in the neighborhood over for an evening of fun.  Check out these supercute Coloring T-shirts - an awesome idea from M & E Graphics and Gifts!!


Natural esSCENTials said...

Such good ideas!! Little occupied hands help them forget (at least for a short time) that they're under the weather (:

TheFancyFritter said...

What fun items! :)

Burning Moon said...

What a bunch of cute kid items! I love the first one its like a step up from a regular crayon roll so cute great blog

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Nicole Bergman said...

What great ideas! I really like the paper bedroom.


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