Monday, December 8, 2008

Winter's Here!

It's cold here in PA. I really have no idea where the time went, but one minute I was sitting by the pool, and then **poof**, here we are in December.
I love winter in Pennsylvania! Especially when it snows. There's nothing like the smell of the air just before the snow starts to fall. The trees look magical in the early morning. Looking out the window on a winter morning always takes me back to snow days spent sledding until my feet were numb, and then heading home to a warm cup of cocoa.
I still look forward to snow days, warm cocoa and a fire in the fireplace.
Now I'm the mom, making the cocoa, zipping the jackets, drying the snow pants, pulling on the boots. What a wonderful way to spend a winter's day!


uniquecommodities said...

awww! Thanks for sharing the memory and your love of snow! We rarely get it here in SC

Anonymous said...

What a sweet post.

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