Sunday, November 23, 2008

Etsy Treasury!

i've finally done it! i got myself a treasury, and filled it with lots of beautiful wintry-blue and white things! please have a look! there's a thumbnail of it above, and the actual treasury can be found here until wednesday.
here's a list of the fabulous etsy shops with items in my treasury. please stop by their shops and have a look around!
  1. nervoussystem

  2. ketzelphotography

  3. hotflashglass

  4. pinquechocolat

  5. dbabcock

  6. prettyinposies

  7. thelittlestitch

  8. sagittariusgallery

  9. hollystalder

  10. vaeda

  11. lusitania

  12. elemenclaystudio


Devin said...

Great treasury,The items on there are lovely

Kylie B said...


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